Attracting the Perfect Compatible Mate free pdf

There are many ways to utilize iamiwishican as a practice.

There is an exercise called “Dr. G’s Exercise for Finding the Perfect Compatible Mate.” This exercise is not shared in the book I Am I Wish I Can, however, this exercise uses “iAWC Principles.”  One does not need the book to “do the exercise” although the book will help boost the intensity.

The exercise is free. The manuscript mentions the book and also provides the entire exercise for free. Please pass it on and share your experiences.

The Perfect Compatible Mate PDF is here.

The other versions are larger files (like 30mb), so we will deliver them to you through a good file sharing site. Just click on “Free Download, Slow” and then wait for the timer and then click that you are not a robot and then click Free Download and then click on Download (the final download button) and you can get the epub or the kindle (mobi) of Perfect Compatible Mate:

EPUB: here

KINDLE: here

How to use the file sharing site we selected to give you the free downloads:

  1. Click on the ePub or the Kindle links above.
  2. That takes you to the start of the free download process
  3. Click the small text link that says “Free Download, slow”
  4. this moves down the page to a button: Click Free Download
  5. Wait for the Countdown Timer
  6. Click “I’m not a Robot”  !!
  7. Click Slow Download
  8. Click Start Download
  9. (avoid the ads but if you do click on one, you help the host of that site which is sometimes a kind gesture)
  10. The file will download to your device

Here are a few screen shots to help see the process:
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